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Designing for Dementia

“Design can facilitate and empower daily rhythms, functions and social interactions”
(Lost in space, Feddersen & Ludtke)

Our home is our sanctuary, a place of choice and independence. However, often for people  living with dementia this can very quickly become the opposite leading to feelings of restlessness, confusion and fear.

Dementia friendly solutions in the home and care environments have been researched and implemented for over two decades now and we see the inclusions of reminiscence therapies and dementia design in many care homes across the uk today. However there is also research to suggest that maintaining independence in the home can actually prolong the onset and slow the disease.

Living with a loved one with Dementia and Alzheimer's  can be confusing and frustrating, we understand the needs of the care givers along side those of the person living with the disease. Our aim is to include the years of previous research and apply them to our clients very individual requirements. To create a place of calm and familiarity whilst taking into account safeguarding measures and the needs of other occupiers in the home.

How we experience space as a whole includes sight, smell, taste and touch, together they create the feelings of the space around you. This is an important tool for designing for dementia, creating feelings of security and happiness.

No one knows your loved on as you do, getting to know their routines are paramount. Special clocks, smells, lights and sounds can be used to trigger actions such as regular mealtimes, tablets and movement or knowing when someone will be with them.

Safety can be a real concern. By using contrasting colours slips and falls can be avoided, doors to the road can be disguised and bathroom doors and toilets can be identified. Many products can be introduced, such as kettles that dont reach boiling point to avoid accidents.

By really getting to know you and your loved one we can assess the strong memories and times that make them feel most at ease, by bringing the past home we can make life simpler and more straight forward for them. Items such as radios and televisons can be simplified for easier use.

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